Peering Preferences

Lit Fibre (AS-LITFIBRE) has an open peering policy.

We have the following peering preferences:

  • To setup peering on multiple geographical locations.
  • To peer with a network operating a 24x7 NOC.
  • To peer with networks with an up-to-date routing registry (such as RIPE).
  • To peer settlement free.
  • Peer using Public Route Reflectors, otherwise, use Private Interconnects.

Peering Locations

We accept private peering requests on case-by-case basis.

Our current public peering locations are:

  • LINX1 and LINX2
  • Equinix IX.

We are also available to private peer at:

  • Equinix LD6
  • Telehouse West

Contact Us

Contact [email protected] to request information and intiate peering.

Visit our PeeringDB page for detailed technical information.